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Design, Drafting & Visualization

CADintosh from Lemke Software is an inexpensive 2D Drafting program. Multiple pen modes. A variety of tools such as lines, arcs, dimensions, splines, hatching. Import and export HPGL, DXF and PICT.
MacOS 8.5-9.2.2, MacOS X, Mac Only. Update 18-Jan-2005

Cobalt from Ashlar Incorporated provides a completely integrated set of tools for 2D/3D sketching, concept development, visualization, photo-realistic rendering, and precision engineering drawings. Also see the lower cost packages which are a subset of Cobalt: Neon, Argon, and Xenon.
MacOS 9, MacOS X, Mac Only. Update 19-Jan-2005

Graphite from Ashlar Incorporated allows you to create 2D and 3D precision wireframe drawings of unlimited complexity and detai.
MacOS 9, MacOS X, Mac Only. Update 19-Jan-2005

High Design from ilexsoft is a relatively new 2D CAD and illustration program. Both a standard and pro version are available. Both versions include both standard drawing tools and image editing tools, and Photogrammetry tools for measuring objects using photographs.
MacOS 9, MacOS X, Mac Only. Update 18-Jan-2005

MacDraft from Microspot includes a full complement of drawing and dimensioning tools. Supports DWG/DXF. Also see related products MacDraft (Classic), MacDraft P.E. (Personal Edition), and DWG Viewer. Various sets of Microspot Symbol Libraries are also available.
MacOS 9, MacOS X, Mac Only. Update 18-Jan-2005

Microspot 3D World from Microspot is for creating and/or enhancing graphics, modeling, 3D space design, virtual reality, presentations, QuickTime movies, CAD and any other visual project.
MacOS 7-9, Mac Only. Update 18-Jan-2005

QCad from RibbonSoft is a 2D CAD program. It has drawing modes for creating lines, arcs, circles, ellipses, parallels, angle bisectors. It imports DXF.
MacOS X. Update 18-Jan-2005

SketchUp from @Last Software is design for conceptual stages of design, allowing quick and easy 3D form creation. It lets you do "sketchy" rendering, including real-time shadows. You can also download their component Bonus-Pack for Film & Stage, and Film & Stage plugin
MacOS X. Update 18-Jan-2005

TurboCAD Macintosh from IMSI is a comprehensive, simple to use 2D drafting and design tool.
MacOS X. Update 24-Aug-2005

TurboCAD 3D Macintosh from IMSI provides state of the art 3D modeling and 2D drafting tools.
MacOS X. Update 24-Aug-2005

VectorWorks from Nemetschek is a comprehensive 2D/3D CAD program with a built-in database and spreadsheet, and intelligent objects. Import/export options include DWG, IGS, STL, EPS, TIF, and JPG.
MacOS 9.2.2, MacOS X. Update 18-Jan-2005

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MacPlot Professional from Microspot allows printing directly from Mac OS applications to most large format inkjet, laser and thermal printers. Also see the related Microspot Ultra GraphicPak and Microspot GraphicPak 36.
MacOS 9. Update 19-Jan-2005

X-RIP from Microspot uses OS X technology to output on a wide range of large format printers. Also see the related X-RIP 100 for the HP 100 series.
MacOS X. Update 19-Jan-2005

Do you know of anything we're missing? Please suggest software or peripherals!
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